Meet Corrie-Beth Lipowski, the co-founder of PURE PHYSIQUE Fitness Franchise. Her mission is to empower individuals through a holistic approach, integrating exercise, nutrition, and mental wellness. As a skilled nutrition-mindset coach, Corrie-Beth spearheads PURE PHYSIQUE’s online coaching, impacting thousands in their fitness and health journeys. Alongside her husband, she co-hosts the highly-rated podcast ‘That Fitness Couple’, delving into topics like hormonal balance, mental clarity, and body strength.

Corrie-Beth is not only a fitness enthusiast but also a devoted mother who homeschools her two sons. Her background as an educator fuels her passion for health, particularly inspired by observing the impact of diet on students’ learning challenges.

Her personal health transformation began with a natural 30-pound weight loss in 2010, sparking her dedication to helping others address their health issues at their roots. She triumphed over IBS, cystic acne, and narcolepsy through dietary changes. Her role as an educator, motivational speaker and mentor makes her a beacon of inspiration, especially to mothers striving for health and consistency.