Mike, the co-founder and visionary behind PURE PHYSIQUE, has revolutionized the fitness industry with his unique approach. At the heart of PURE PHYSIQUE is a commitment to efficient, impactful workouts: 30-minute resistance training sessions that are available both in-studio and online. Mike’s innovative method focuses on building strength, confidence, and muscle tone without calorie counting, cardio, or more than 90 minutes of exercise a week. His philosophy is centered around uplifting and empowering individuals.

Spanning over 25 years, Mike’s expertise in fitness has been widely recognized. Under his leadership, PURE PHYSIQUE has also been spotlighted in Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the ‘Hottest Fitness Franchises to Own’. He has also been the recipient of several accolades, including ‘Best Workout’ and ‘Best Personal Trainer.’

Mike’s role extends beyond being a fitness entrepreneur; he is an international speaker, author, professional bodybuilder, and Fitness Clinician. His book, “Pure Physique: How to Maximize Fat Loss and Muscular Development”, has gained international acclaim, translated into multiple languages.